by Hudson

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    The story of a castaway's rebellion and a battle for justice. A genre-spanning folk rock concept album written and recorded in one week in rural Washington State.
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The story of a castaway's rebellion and a battle for justice with an unlikely hero. Written and recorded in one week in rural Washington State.


released January 4, 2012

Composed, performed, recorded and produced by John Boswell and Will Crowley. Female vocals by Katherine Crowley. Artwork by Dillon Vessels.




Hudson Bellingham, Washington

Hudson is a folk rock band specializing in concept albums. Each album is written and recorded over the course of a musically immersive seven days, and tells a unique story.

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Track Name: The Belfry
Like a fish washed up on shore
My face is pressed hard against the floor
The songs I hear, the sights I see,
Echoes through the belfry

Crumbling stone settled with dust
All overgrown and red with rust
The waning light the colored glass
Becoming night at last

The coming night at last

How did I get here
And where was I before
Now I am like a fish washed up on shore

My mind was made
I'd climb the spiral stairway
And ring the bell to find
If I'm the only soul out here
Track Name: Foreboding Times
Was that an echo or an answer to my call
Will I perish here or be rescued after all
The veil of blue where sea meets sky
Is pierced by sails drifting by

Is this skiff with friend or foe
Should I descend to the shore below
As they approach, my fate turns clear
I see two aboard as the skiff draws near

Turn my back and run
Or stay and hold my ground
I stand tall on this solid rock
As a new courage is found

These foreboding times have brought unrest
A divided land puts all to the test
But hark, the crimson flag is raised
Lets me recall the past few days

This color of the rebel cause
Whos courageous fight for freedom was oppressed
By rulers wearing crowns of gold
Bearers of the royal crest

To those of us fighting to be free
Bound and gagged and brought out to see
Thrown overboard with one last breath:
Crimson flag or bring me death
Track Name: Meeting Place
A father with his daughter and a falcon overhead
Could have sailed on by but stopped for me instead
The flag they bear so high with pride
Their cause like mine is dignified

They flee from reign of kings unjust
Whos many years of ruling has brought us much mistrust
So to the open sea they sailed
Where few with crimson flags prevail

They welcomed me with open arms
No longer a need to feel alarmed
We are but two, supplied for three
And could use the help in these times of need

There's been word of a meeting place
For those who need to hide their face
So let's set sail and point our bow
Our time is short, we must hurry now

Take flight our falcon guide
Show us the way and we'll be by your side
In three days or maybe four
We'll reunite with our friends ashore

Provisions to stock and plans we must make
As swift as we can, so let's make haste
We must take back what is rightfully ours
And overthrow these wicked powers
Track Name: Secure the Ropes
In the distance dark clouds are storming
Sends out a warning
Secure the ropes
Batten down the hatches
Crippling wind tears at the sail's patches

All hands on deck
The waves are swelling
If we'll survive there is no telling
I feel the rain down upon me
Lightning strikes
Track Name: From Afar
Ragged sails, clouds overhead
Guide returns from afar
Track Name: Five Hundred Strong
Smoke rising up ahead
Fires on the beach
This camp that we have sought
Finally been reached

So put the anchor down
Despite these dark times
Good cheer's abound

They gave us many tasks as we sailed up
To gather firewood or try our luck
At hunting for our evening meals
Or forging our swords of wood and steel

A band five hundred strong
Ready for the day
To siege the castle walls
And drive the king away

Now follow me up the mountain ridge
Careful now across this old bridge
So falcon take flight in the air
Bring us a fox, a bird, a hare
Track Name: The Falconer
Our land is no place for a family
Let alone a child
Since I was a young one
We've lived in exile

Stayed in hiding so as not to be revealed
We raised this falcon to catch our meals

With hundreds gathered here
All with one purpose that is clear
We'll use the falcon skills
To aid our band in the final kill
Track Name: Ones We've Lost
We set sail in the morning
We set sail at the first light
Our hearts were missing
Missing the ones we've lost

We set sail in the morning
We set sail with our heads held high
The ones we remember
Held in our minds

But we're not lost
Track Name: The Slaying of the King
Say your prayers to the one above
Keep in your hearth the ones you love
And hold on tight to your crimson shield
A last resort we will not yield

Cast your arrows to the castle walls
Storm the palisades when the falcon calls
Show no mercy to the enemy
What will be will be

Falcon may your aim be true
Carry stealth upon your wing
He took flight with his talons spread
Dove with grace towards the king's royal head
With one last breath the king is dead
Track Name: Our Children's Future
Years of unrightful ruling
Brought to an end this day
Now our children's future
Saved by a bird of prey

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